Vanderburgh Co Commissioners approve resolution to support the new mental health program

Sen. Mike Braun, 9% for Eric Doden, 7% for Brad Chambers and 2% for Curtis Hill. The other woman in the GOP primary race, Jamie Reitenour, received zero support from surveyed female voters. Indiana’s two major political parties have only been chaired by two women, Democrat Ann DeLaney in the 1990s and current Republican Chair Anne Hathaway. She also heads the Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series, designed to prepare Hoosier women to run for political office. Though a number of Lugar Series graduates have been elected to Congress, the Statehouse constitutional offices, the General Assembly and local positions, the governorship and positions of true power have eluded them. Our referral partners appreciate our prompt and transparent communication.

Rediscovery House in Springfield, IL Has Partnered with New Beginning Recovery Review to Offer Quality Recovery Services

New Beginning Recovery Review is also a Certified B Corporation, and the first organization to earn this award in Worcester. A full-time manager for a large Worcester manufacturing company, he devotes his home life to those in recovery as one of our House Mentors. He leads a fantastic group of men in their recovery journey, offering support and encouragement to each guest. Applications are accepted on our website, as well as faxed, e-mailed, or over the phone. We carefully screen each application and conduct a telephone screen prior to approval to ensure a good fit in our homes.

Oxford House Sober Living Model

  1. Prior to her upset victory of House Minority Leader Phil GiaQuinta and six others, she told precinct officials, “Today you had the opportunity to make history by electing the first 5-foot-3 mayor.”
  2. Our training program includes classroom and small group training conducted virtually, as well as an online training and evaluation program which we’ve developed in collaboration with clinicians, researchers, and other House Mentors.
  3. We offer structured sober houses for men and women where every guest is supported in their recovery journeys.
  4. We understand the anxiety your clients face in a transition, as well as the challenges our referral partners face on a daily basis.

This home has been open for several years, and as of September 2022, is the first New Beginning Recovery Review location in Springfield, Illinois! We are proud to be a part of the legacy of this sober house and look forward to many years to come. New Beginning Recovery Review is proud to offer structured sober living to the community in Springfield, IL.

How to Pick the Right Sober House

Their existing business model, intricate financial structures, and lofty growth aspirations were discussed. However, despite their decade of success, they were facing challenges. The absence of online payments was resulting in revenue losses, their digital visibility was not at its peak, leading to unoccupied spaces, and the lack of a streamlined accounting system was a clear hurdle.

Application Process

This will be put towards creating a new wing, dedicated to mental health treatment for inmates. For a directory of Oxford House locations in Illinois, please visit the Sober House Directory or Oxford House Illinois locations.

Whether an update of our available beds or an update on a guest ho came from your program, we promise to communicate with you and try to make your work and our guests lives easier. Our staff and your new House Mentor will work New Beginning Recovery Review Review with you to coordinate the day and time. At your orientation, you must pass a urine drug screen and the House Mentor will thoroughly search your belongings. Approved applicants can move in as soon as there is a bed available.

A decision on your application will be made during the phone screen, in most cases. The Rediscovery Recovery House is conveniently located in Downtown Springfield, with easy access to public transportation and area amenities. This home is pending certification, and we are dedicated to leading this sober house according to the NARR principles. We encourage you to visit AA’s directory of Illinois AA Meetings for an up-to-date list of meeting locations, times, and additional details.

The Illinois Department of Health and Safety is an organization whose mission is to support recovery residences throughout Illinois and to practice national quality standards for recovery residences. Our independent Chartered Operators are the way this mission and vision are brought to pass. Our Operators provide these essential recovery environments for their guests. We accomplish our mission by serving our Operators by offering them Charters, providing leasing services, and facilitating access to comprehensive support services. By providing a platform for Operators, we are effectively expanding the number of quality sober living homes available.

We refer guests to our local care providers when they need a higher level of care, and work to maintain strong referral relationships with clinicians, case workers, court officers, and others in the field. Most of our guests are referred by other organizations in the continuum of care. We have strong relationships with clinical facilities, correctional facilities, and community organizations. Usually, we can call you to conduct a phone screen within a few hours of receiving your application.

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