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There’s no widely available information on the ethnicity of Reddit’s non-US based users, so for now, this is the best we have to go off. If that changes velocity trade in the future, we’ll update the post accordingly. It’s worth noting that subreddits will sometimes limit you to just one of these three types of posts.

  1. Not to mention get a ton of views — Carlos’ AMA above got over 4,500 comments.
  2. Experts credit the popularity of the platform to the relative anonymity users have when navigating and posting on the platform.
  3. It’s one of the best and most interesting places on the internet.

In this article, we’ll present ten Reddit statistics every marketer should know. We’ll cover everything from the demographics of Reddit users and also present to you some subreddit stats so you understand how to leverage them. These differences are what makes Reddit a pretty unique social network that requires a different strategy broker finexo altogether if you’re thinking of marketing on Reddit. But first, you need to get the basics of Reddit and its user base right. Reddit is similar to Digg, another user-generated social networking site. Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian started Reddit in 2005, and Condé Nast Publications acquired the site in October 2006.

Subreddit Use

These icons will sort the posts by Best, Hot, New, Top, or Rising if you’re logged in. Or it will sort them by your chosen location(s) (instead of Best) along with Hot, New, Top, or Rising, if you’re not logged in. Reddit isn’t just a platform for solitary browsing; it’s a community. Users engage in discussions, share experiences, and offer advice on a myriad of topics.

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Another way to support the community is by purchasing Reddit Premium, the site’s membership program. For $6 a month, Premium users don’t see ads and it gives you access to r/lounge, a super-secret subreddit where the brightest minds on Reddit assemble to engage in witty banter (or something), along with other benefits. Premium membership also comes with a regular supply of Coins to spend on Awards. You don’t need to buy Reddit Premium to have fun on Reddit, but it’s a way to support the site, get some perks, and be invested in the community. If you’re just looking at Reddit for the first time, you may be a bit confused by what you are seeing, so here’s a quick rundown. The homepage (or “front page”) shows you various posts that are currently trending on the site, pulled from a variety of subreddits.

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In a way, that’s a good thing—it helps to keep Reddit separate from the rest of your social life online, and that anonymity is necessary for online safety. It does mean, however, that tracking basic details about Reddit’s users and their characteristics has to be done through outside research. The sources we used questrade forex for this information is posted at the bottom of this article, but basically, we’ve pulled information and statistics from a number of polls and outside research. On most social media platforms, users have profiles, personal feeds, and predominantly use the website to grow relationships with other people.

All content on the site can be voted up or down by other members. The second most popular reason people use Reddit is to stay updated with news and the latest events—31% of Redditors list it as a reason they use the social network. This should come as no surprise, considering there are more than 100,000 active communities on the site catering to interests and news of all topics and genres. As people upvote or downvote your posts and comments, these get added to your “karma.” The higher karma you have, the better regarded you may be by the community. However, Reddit karma cannot be redeemed and there are no prizes or rewards for amassing a certain amount of it.

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